Rafooneh Clothes

Liquid Laundry

This product with excellent cleaning power and controlled foam, protects clothings and textile fibers, prevents colour change and interference during the wash process. This product contains amongst other, ingredients for removing water hardness which is responsible for damages made to the internal parts of washing machines. The elimination of water hardness in addition to improving the cleaning efficiency, prevents the formation of white spots which will be visible on dark coloured items after washing is done. The application of this product also helps the ironing of the items washed, leaving a pleasant scent after use.

Packaging : 1000, 1500 and 2000 cc. Nos. in Carton : 12 for 1000 cc, 9 for 1500 cc and 6 for 2000cc.


This product is specifically formulated for washing black and dark colour garments and textile. With the use of this product, the dark and black colours will not fade away by multiple washing processmore over, the fibers will be protected against wear and tear. This product contains ingredients for removing water hardness which damages the internal parts of washing machines. The product has also a pleasant scent with long-lasting effect.
Packaging : 1000 and 1500 cc. Nos. in Carton : 12 for 1000 and 9 for 1500 cc.


This product is for softening all types of textile after washing, this include clothes , towels, bed linen, etc. This product on application prevents the formation of static electricity which itself prevents the redeposition of dirt and dust on the washed items. RAFOONEH fabric softener helps the ironing process which saves time and energy consumption. This product is offered in different and popular colours and with different fragrances with long-lasting effect
Packaging : 1000, 1500 and 2000 cc. Nos. in Carton : 12 for 1000, 9 for 1500 and 6 for 2000cc.


This product with its unique formulation is recommended for better and more efficient cleaning of all types of curtains and drapes. It contains strong solvents for most stubborn oil and soot stains yet is very gentle on curtain fibers. In addition to removing stains of all kinds, this product removes the residues of air born fossil fuels which deposit on curtains and hence brings back brightness and softness to the washed items. This product also prevents the formation of static electricity and the redeposition of pollutants on the washed curtains.
Packaging : 1000 cc. Nos. in Carton : 9


This bleach solution is a strong whitening and disinfectant used to whiten textile and disinfecting them at the same time. IT destroys bacteria and other microorganisms such as yeast and mouldsand even certain viruses and spores. Other applications of this product includes the disinfection of stagnant waters such as wells, swiming pools, floors of public places such as hospitals, destroying bad odours in swage systems.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS; It is dangerous to use this product with other cleaning and chemical solutions and in particular mixing it with hydrochloric acid should be avoided at all costs,as it will releases Chlorine gas.
Packaging : 750, 1000, 2000 and 4000 cc. Nos. in Carton : 18 for 750, 12 for 1000, 6 for 2000 and 4 for 4000 cc.