About Rafooneh

Zolal Chemi Lia Co.LTD with "Rafooneh" brand started to work in 1998. Our mission was manufacturing the new products which were not in the market till that time.
In 1st year of manufacturing, we started with glass cleaner, dish washing liquid, and bleach.
In 2nd year with stabilizing our activity, we moved forward in order to give authority for floor cleaner with non-acidic solution (multi purposes), and then in 1992 we introduced and offer this product to the Iran market. Since our consumers welcome greatly to the new products we understood that our customers want innovations.
As a next level, we take action for utilizing the sprays for our products in order to prevent scattering the material particles in the air which causes to guarantee the consumer's health. Once more our consumers welcome enthusiastically to this new generation of cleaners.
Thank to supporting our consumers, we introduce following products to the market: Wood burry, leather cleaner spray, carpet and furniture stain remover, oven cleaner, acidic floor cleaner, parket cleaner, ceramic and stone cleaner, polish tab gel, glass cleaner with rain repellent.
Now we are working on the lots of research projects which help to improve the quality level of Rafooneh products